Preview #3 – Everybody into the pool

In my first preview, I mentioned that the scope of LitMatch is expanding to better represent the breadth and depth of the entire publishing industry. Keen-eyed readers of preview #2 may have noticed an inadvertent hint at that expanded scope in the teaser image of our new submission form. 

So, when I talk about expanded scope, what do I mean, exactly?

The full answer is too much to cover in a single preview, but a good place to start is with our listings. The current site has just two kinds of listings: agents and agencies. The new site will expand on what’s already there, with room for all of the following:

  • Agents & Agencies – expanded to allow for screenplay agents (our most common user request!)
  • Contests – Places to enter your work for recognition and prizes.
  • Events – Conferences, seminars, classes and other events you can attend.
  • Markets – Places to sell your work, including magazines, anthologies and webzines.
  • Products – Information and reviews of books and writing-related products.
  • Publishers – Companies that produce book-length products, including traditional and self-publishers.
  • Resources – A writing resource that does not fit into any other data category, such as a website, a blog, or a writing magazine.
  • Services – A service offered to writers by a third party, such as editing or marketing services, usually available at a cost.

In addition, contests, markets, and publishers will join agents and agencies in our submission tracking system, allowing you to organize and track every aspect of your quest for publication!

That’s all for now, but there’s lots more to cover. Next week, I’ll have more to say about listings and how they’ll be maintained on the new site.


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