General Questions about LitMatch

General Questions about LitMatchHow much does your service cost?
LitMatch is 100% free! We do not charge for registration or request payment information from our users. Also, we do not offer any “upsells” or “premium features” of any kind. Your free registration gives you access to all our features from the moment you sign up.

Can I donate to LitMatch?
LitMatch is entirely supported by our advertisers. Therefore, we do not request or accept donations of any kind. If you’d like to show your support for LitMatch, we encourage you to make a donation to one of the following literacy-related charities: Reach Out And Read Children’s Literacy Initiative

Is LitMatch directly affiliated with any agents or agencies?
No, LitMatch is an independent website, and not affiliated with any literary agents or agencies.

If LitMatch doesn’t offer a particular feature, can I request it?
Absolutely! Just send us an email at suggestions@litmatch.net. We’re constantly improving LitMatch to serve you better, and welcome any suggestions or feedback you have.

Questions about Titles and SubmissionsIs there a limit to the number of titles I can enter, or the number of submissions I can track?

You can enter as many titles as you like, and track your submissions independently for each one. There is no limit to the number of titles or submissions you can enter.

Will LitMatch actually send my submission to an agent?

LitMatch provides a service that lets writers keep track of the submissions they send to agents, but does not actually send the submissions themselves.

I sent a submission to an agent who’s not listed in your database. How can I track it?
If you submit to an agent who is not listed in our database, just send us a note at tips@litmatch.net. We’ll research the agent and usually have them listed within 24 hours.

Can I track submissions I’ve sent, even if they occur in the past?
Yes. LitMatch allows you to track your queries regardless of when you sent them.

Is my personal information kept private when I enter titles and track submissions?
Yes. Only general, non-specifying information about submission is displayed in our public listings. Personally identifiable information, such as the user’s name, project titles, etc. is shown only to the user who the information belongs to.

Questions about Submission StatisticsWhen an agent has a certain number of submissions listed, what does that number represent?
The number of submissions represents only those submissions that have been reported to LitMatch by our users for that agent or agency. It is not an indication of the total number of submissions the agent or agency receives in the course of their operation.

If an agent/agency has a large number of queries or a fast response time, does that make them better than the others?
Not at all. Response times and numbers of queries are just two in a range of criteria that a writer should consider when deciding whether to submit to an agent.

What constitutes a “Positive” Submission?
Submission responses are considered positive if the initial contact resulted in a request for additional materials or an offer of representation.

How is “Average Response Time” calculated?
Average Response Time is calculated from the reported response times for a given agent or agency. It does not take into account submissions that are awaiting a reply.

Questions about My AccountI forgot my password. What do I do?
Just visit our Forgot Your Password page, enter your email and we’ll send your password right to your inbox.

How can I change my password and email address?
Just visit the Your Account page. From there, you can change your password, email address, and other user information.

Questions about CommentsHow long will it take for my public comment to appear on the site?
Public comments are usually approved for posting within 24 hours.

Can Agents view the private comments I leave about them?
No. Private comments are only viewable by the user who enters them.

Will my name appear when I leave a public comment?
Yes, your name will appear next to any public comment left for an agent or agency. Please do not leave any public comments with which you would not want to be identified.

Questions about our ListingsHow can I tell if a particular listing is up-to-date?
Every entry has a Last Updated field that tells you when a listing was last edited. Additionally, many listings have an “Edited By Agent” field. This field represents the date when the listed agent reviewed his or her own listing for accuracy.

Why do I have to log in to see an agent’s email address?
We hide agents’ emails in order to protect them from automated programs that crawl websites to collect email addresses for spamming purposes. Registered users are able to see these emails when they are logged in.

Why are some agents and agencies marked as “inactive”?
Agents are marked as inactive for a variety of reasons, the most common being that they are no longer in business or have passed away. We leave these agents in our database for research purposes and for the entering of historical queries.

If I come across a listing that needs updating, how can I let you know?
Just send us an email at tips@litmatch.net. Be sure to include the name of the agent or agency that needs updating, a description of the information that needs updating, and, when possible, the source of your information. We’ll research the change and in most cases have it in place within 24 hours.

Got a question that’s not listed here? Just email us at support@litmatch.net.