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Legal Tech

There’s several new terms that are coming more and more into use in the English language. This rise isn’t strictly limited to popular culture either- enter the new rise of Legal Tech. 

The term Legal Tech is nothing new, in fact, as long as there’s been technology, and we know that there’s been the existence of law and legality for far longer, there’s been Legal Tech. However, what differentiates its usage today is the sheer amount as to which technology counts in the legal world.

The legal world is constantly evolving, and its transition into the new tech era is no different. It’s no surprise that many law firms have gone paperless and that legal decisions reach the world over in mere minutes by way of instant technology. 

It’s no coincidence that the hotbed of all things tech has also seen a huge surge in legal related ventures- Silicon Valley. Law Grads and non law grads alike have seen the potential in taking legal services and making them consumer based and more approachable, a billion dollar industry that only continues to grow!

Along with the technological growth, there’s also been no shortage in the development of legal startups either. Today,  there exists over 400 legal tech affiliated startups, which means that the popularity of the word and its range is anything but a fad. 

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